Aug 6 2014

The Freshette

Everyone has their favorite piece of gear when they do anything outside, and paddling is no exception.  When I began kayaking, this piece of gear was probably a nose plug, or the poor sod who had to t-rescue me, or drag my soggy self from my latest swim.  Nowadays, the absence of my favorite piece […]

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Apr 23 2014

Skagit River Video

Better late than never right? This video is from 2012 when Tristan, Sheldon, Adam and myself dropped into the Skagit River in Manning Park, BC. We had planned to paddle from what is called “Bridge #2” to Sumalo Grove. Early on there are some fun road side rapids before dropping away from the road and entering a […]

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Jul 30 2013

Return to the Ashnola River.

It was about 12 months ago that I had a slight error in judgment on the Ashnola river and decided to try my luck at limboing under a nasty old log that spanned the width of the River. Carnage ensued and I was left with a minor dislocation on my right shoulder. A few months […]

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Apr 6 2013

Don Juan, Empanadas and Bus Stops: A Chilean Adventure

  Most likely the three most important things we encountered during our trip to Chile. For Bentos (Dan Bentley), Kiwi Fruit (Sheldon Lee) and myself (Tristan Oluper), these three things were heaps choice. A little bit of Don Juanian spice is all that is needed to boost the flavor of a cabbage, onion, garlic and […]

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Mar 27 2013

Ashnola Video: 2012

The Ashnola is a FVWW favorite. Located in the always sunny Okanogan this run has great river side camping, and 20+ kilometres of read and run class 4/4+. This year we made several trips up earlier in the season than normal and got some great high water runs. At higher flows this run feels like […]

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