FVWW Year of Whitewater Video

Our local paddling club, the VKC, recently had a video night for club members to come and show off some pics & video of the paddling season.  We were asked if we’d bring a video in, and since everyone else was heading to Skooks on Thanksgiving weekend  while I stayed home and ate Turkey it fell to me to put the video together.  A couple days before the crew took off I was sent a HUGE file of pictures and video clips, and spent a couple days doin’ what I could to piece things together.  I’ve attached the video below, but must apologize in advance for the paddler credits, since this is a collaboration of all of our stuff I wasn’t  when a lot of the photos were taken and no one was here to ask so I couldn’t credit all the paddlers.  Anyway, we thought we’d post it for your viewing pleasure so here’s the video highlights of our collective year of whitewater ENJOY!

FVWW Paddling Year in Review from FVWW on Vimeo.